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Modern design demonstrating fluidity between Commercial and Residential Interior Design.

The rules are bending, and the status-quo is shifting, as the interior design world rides a new wave in meeting consumer demands and social change. Traditional techniques that were once viewed as fundamental in order to design certain spaces, are slowly being disregarded and gradually re-written. With a common denominator of experiential design; the hotel, retail and hospitality industry are becoming increasingly fluid spaces and transgressional with residential design. Residential design on the other hand, is progressively impersonating commercial design, leaving many consistencies between the two. This can be accredited to changes in; a greater demand for in-formal dining experiences, the importance of the slogan ‘a home away from home’, and impromptu work spaces.
Cafes and restaurants once held an air of formality that couldn’t be matched. High partitions barricaded staff to clientele, and a cold, clinical atmosphere was a popular theme.Today cafes and bistro-style restaurants harmoniously rule the hospitality scene with airy open-plan layouts, accessible viewing into workspace and kitchens, and communal furniture like long wooden tables. Exposed materials now celebrate the buildings authentic materials and a mix match furniture selection reveal a ‘residential-esque’ feeling that lightens the mood. Today waitstaff flow between the kitchen and cafe floor with a relaxed ease, as the modern day cafe tries to imitate a place of home-like comfort.

Due Baristi, Hamburg

Bills, Sydney

Hotter, Rotterdam

People say ‘there is no place like home’, and that’s exactly what hotels are today set out to achieve. Luxury hotels around the world are striving to use interior design techniques to create an atmosphere of home for their clients. Buzz words such as ’boutique’, ‘cosy’, and ‘accessible’ are key in creating the new wave of private-townhouse style hotel design. The 90’s hotel style of minimalist, sterile, and monotone looks are now something of the past, and today hotel companies are hiring interior designers to make their hotel lobby look like a comfy living room with bespoke furniture, soothing colour schemes, and quirky heritage touches . The Alex Hotel in Perth, Ett Hem in Sweden, HotelHotel in Canberra, and G-Rough in Rome are all prime examples of hotel industry listening to a change in consumer demand. Industry must also keep up with this social-media driven market, and provide aesthetically pleasing back drops that people want to snap and share with their family and friends.

The Alex Hotel, Perth

Ett Hem, Stockholm

Laslett Hotel, London

In today’s digitally reliant world, office desks with big fax machines and file storage units are becoming increasingly irrelevant. People are running entire companies off a single laptop, and corporate meetings are taking place in pop-up office spaces. Hotel lobbys and cafes with their city proximity and cultural relevance are a hot spot for the new work station, with both places almost always promising fast wifi, and access to hot drinks.
Residential design has come a long way in the last 20 years. With the rise of digital media and social media sharing, consumers have access to view international design at the touch of a button. With this newly found inspiration comes new ideas, and new demands. If restaurants and bars are today’s ‘home away from home’, kitchen design is seen to be acquiring a distinct ‘hospitality’ feel. Trends in cafe’s such as the ‘industrial’ look has set off in home kitchens all around the world, eagerly trying to imitate a Brooklyn coffee-house aesthetic.

By Taylor James

Industrial Kitchen

Hunting for George Showroom, Melbourne

Industrial Kitchen

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